Custom Made Sılıcone Prosthesıs Perıod

If you have visited a plastic surgeon for any reason you must have definitely noticed the different shaped translucent
objects on his table. Yes, those are prostheses made of silicone material.

On mentioning phrase ‘silicone prosthesis,’ although silicon breast implants come to mind first, specialists
underline the fact that silicone prostheses are used not solely for breast augmentation. Today silicone prostheses are used on legs, hips, shoulders, jaws and even on the back to provide aesthetic appearance.

Silicon is a chemical substance known as’ polysiloxane.’ Its frame contains successive silicon and oxygen atoms instead of carbon. By virtue of these chemical properties it is quite compatible with the human body.The story goes back to 54 years. Silicone prostheses have been applied to nearly two million women since first used in the United States in 1962 for breast augmentation. At Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy, the discovery of an inframammary fold incision between her captivating breasts bear witness to the compexity of the past of silicone prostheses. Augmentation surgeries we perform today with silicon prostheses have become the second most frequently implemented operations in our daily practice. Barbie’s companion Justin Jedlica, known as the living human ‘Ken
doll,’ has 15 silicone prostheses in his body — on his chest, shoulder, arms, back, legs, calves and jaw. He has undergone over 190 cosmetic procedures and now designs his own prostheses and has them custom made.

As is clear, silicone prostheses have surpassed their use for breast augmentation purposes and by virtue of the introduction of special production techniques have become the main material of the most interesting aesthetic surgeries of the century. Although extreme cases such as Jedlica are rarely encountered, breast, butt, leg and jaw
prostheses are being applied at increasing frequency.

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